City To Country Magazine


We keep being asked on how people can be a part of City To Country Magazine? This magazine was started by people devoted to bringing the readers the best in the fields of Entertainment and Lifestyle.

We thrive by what you as readers request and applaud! We are unique in our own way and believe that each new venture becomes a reality.

We have new adventures coming to our traveling few and showing you the best areas to explore.

Life is a journey and within that journey one should always spoil themselves in the finer things in life!

So if you feel that we here at City To Country Magazine is the place for you. Join us!

We are always looking for sponsors and advertisers.

If interested feel free to visit our website and download your package deals today.

If you’re interested in becoming a journalist and or photographer for City To Country Magazine, send us your work and our staff will be happy to go over it!

City To Country Magazine, the place where we bring The City To The Country and The Country To The City.

Tammy Kc Hegyes
Director Of Operations



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