City To Country Magazine July/Aug Issue


We at City To Country Magazine take pride in the work that we do to bring our readers the best in Entertainment and Lifestyle.

Our July/August issue shows them just that.

Our Cover story with Pat O’Brien brought to you by our Head Writer and Advice Columnist Sue McGaughey , along with her “Coffee Talk” series leading our readers into the right direction with a little helping hand.

Bill “The Spaceman” Lee talks about his Movie “Spaceman” and his Pitch for Governor of Vermont. Brought to you by our Entertainment and Sports Columnist Jay Luster , along with his Interview with A Martinez. Mr. Martinez discusses his part in “California Winter”.

Brandon Stacy makes his appearance in our magazine as well, brought to you by Jessica Svenson and he gives us the lowdown on the TV series “Roots”.

We have so much more to come, but you will have to purchase your next issue to find out what it is on July 1st!!!! Entertainment, Lifestyle, Fashion, Models, Sports, Travels and Business.

We focus on bringing our readers what they want in a Magazine.

As most are noticing things have changed within the last few issues with our lineups of content and will continue to change.

This is to better benefit you as readers.

Advertising made easy. Special rates for an 1/8 of a page for 3 issues. Pricing can be found on our Blog page for City To Country Magazine.

If interested in becoming a Sponsor for City To Country Magazine we have our package deals as well.

We want to thank our Advertisers, Sponsors and staff for all that you do.

Thank you,
Tammy KC Hegyes
Director of Operations


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