Bitcoins Are The Future

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A bit about Bitcoins 🙂

They say Bitcoins and other crypto currencies are the future.

Who knows… Well, we are definitely looking into it and there are some easy ways to claim them by surfing.

Crypto-currency is the network money, which doesn’t exist physically.

Prefix crypto- shows the high level of its security from the theft attempts. The first crypto-currency has been Bitcoin, and it still takes the leading positions. The most famous are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Doge and Ethereum.

One way or another, in order to be able to receive or send coins, you would need a wallet.

To Buy  Bitcoins Through Ebay And Amazon


I found Coinbase and CoinPayments very useful.

Coinbase accepts Bitcoins and Ethereums. Coinpayments deals with around 60 different coins.
If you are new to this, it might seem a bit complicated at first.

Dont be scared, it is all learnable :).

One thing you may notice, is that your wallet address can change time after time.

Usually after you receive new payments.

That is for your own security. You still can use the one you had when you first signed up,

just make sure you will save it somewhere.

For me negative sides of crypto exchanges or faucets are:
– lots of captcha, you will not be able to claim anything without solving one or sometimes even several types of captcha;
Positive side is that in majority of sites you receive your claimed coins right away.

That is why I suggest to choose the ones with immediate or a small minimum payout. 

Now, here are some sites that allow you to claim free coins daily.

Mostly what you will receive will be satoshi, which are the smallest unit of a Bitcoin (1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 BTC).

You Can Go Here To Earn Bitcoins



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