Advertise Your Business In City To Country Magazine

Dear Business Owner –
We are excited to introduce you to City to Country, where we focus on our readers and what they are looking for in a magazine.

We are a bimonthly publication and have celebrated our first anniversary, continually building our popularity during that time.

City to Country Magazine provides an insightful, upbeat look at what makes our community a special place to live.

You may be wondering how we can provide a progressive outlet for your product or service.

Well, we know our reader’s interests, and if you have continued reading and or received this letter, you fall in that category.

Not only is City to Country a top-of-the-line entertainment and lifestyle magazine, it also features top chefs from around the world, fashion designers, models, celebrities, and sports personalities.

We will soon be adding articles that will give our readers a taste of traveling, as well as articles on human interest.
Join our team at City to Country Magazine, where we bring “the City to the Country and the Country to the City!”

Build your sales! We are here for your opportunities!
Interested come download your package deals today and speak to our Marketing and Owners.
Thank you,
Tammy KC Hegyes
Director of Operations —


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