New Kitchen Products

City To Country Magazine Will Soon Have A New Section In Our Magazine Called Kitchen Product Testing.

We Will Be Receiving New Products From Different Companies And Use Them In Our Kitchen  And Writing A Review On What We Think Of Their Mixer,Mats,Rollers Etc…..

Credit For This New Section In Our Magazine Is Chef John Corey.

Ankarsrum Original Mixer
The Ankarsrum Original Kitchen Machine (formerly known as Verona, Magic Mill, Electrolux Assistent, DLX), a favorite mixer of Swedish cooks since 1940, is now available for North American homeowners.

Fashioned from sturdy chrome and steel, this 600 watt professional quality kitchen tool is a durable all-purpose mixer that produces superior baking results.

A variety of optional attachments transforms the Ankarsrum Original into a complete kitchen center, eliminating the need for a separate food processor, meat grinder, or slicer.

The Ankarsrum Original offers professional functionality and versatility in one convenient countertop tool.
This Amazing Mixer Comes In Different Colors.
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Dough EZ® is your simple solution for more tender and evenly baked goods.

Our unique non-stick pastry mat and guide rulers eliminate the floury mess and stress of over worked dough.

Prepare cookies, pies, pastries and more with this pastry mat kit.

Roll out dough with ease and clean up is a breeze using our dough rolling system.

No Fuss,  No Floury Mess* 

Roll out dough in uniform thickness for perfect baked goods, every time.

Dough EZ® Rolling System, Perfect for anyone who loves to bake.

Flexible, Durable Non-Stick design, Greatly Reduces or Eliminates the need for excessive flour in the process.

While its Non- Slip properties prevent slipping and sliding for EZ rolling.

Prepare Cookies, Pies, Pizza and so much more,

Perfectly Every time!


SHINZUI 8 Inch 67 Layer Damascus Chef Knife

Ergo Chef’s new SHINZUI 8 Inch 67 Layer Damascus Chef Knife. 

This 8 inch Chef (Gyuto) knife is appropriately named “SHINZUI™” to encompass it’s total composition. It’s the Japanese meaning for core, strength and essence.  From the blade it highlights the super strong and durable VG10 “core” having super “strength” and to the look and “essence” in the form and functional design of this 8” Japanese chef knife to give you ultimate performance in your kitchen!

This new SHINZUI Series Chef knife was designed for precise slicing through all types of food product with our newly developed Japanese Super Steel blade.  Crafted with our Patented design providing ultimate comfort and grip, abbreviated bolster blend into the VG10 Japanese Super Steel Core blade for durability. The Japanese VG10 Steel is known for long lasting sharpness & extreme durability in the kitchen. The Japanese VG10 steel blade has 33 layers of softer Damascus steel per side for a beautiful one of a kind pattern with each knife & a center core of VG10 Super Steel.

A Precision 15 degree cutting edge per side provides Samurai Sword like cuts through the toughest of vegetables, fruit, red meat, poultry, pork and fish. Add the SHINZUI Chef knife to your kitchen collection today and start enjoying meal preparation.